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Officina Crea is one of the leaders of decorative, polypropylene lamps. Situated at Sesto Fiorentino close to Florence, Officina Crea has a strong global spirit and competes internationally via an active network of distributors. Good design is the result of research and innovation, attention to quality in production and customer services: the elements that characterize Officina Crea’s company identity. As a result of these qualities, Officina Crea has managed to develop a unique lighting collection with a strong personality, the fruit of coherence between design and production. We strive to achieve excellence in all that we do: customer support, product quality, response time, performance and pricing. This catalogue showcases the collections, all initially inspired by nature, yet each with its own individual personality and distinctive style. Officina Crea has also worked designing and producing contract projects.


Safety is of the utmost importance when determining which products you allow into your home environment. Officina Crea lamps are certified as child- friendly lamps. They do not warm up and are completely safe.

The Zzzoolight Collection is one of the most advanced in terms of its child-safety measures. We use state-of-theart components which make the products lightweight and shatter-proof should they fall. Rigorous quality standards are applied throughout the production process.

The Officina Crea lamps are designed to be safe for children as required by European Norms (EN) and international directives (IEC).
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